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Mrs Sarah Le Fondre

Mrs Le Fondre was born in Jersey and tried various instruments before discovering the beautiful, emotive sound of the oboe at the age of nine and never looking back.  She went on to study Music and Business at Leicester University (Nene College) where she gained a First Class, BA Honours degree and played in the Northampton Symphony Orchestra and other ensembles and bands in the area.

After several months travelling (and acquiring a Nepali oboe with a reed made from banana leaves) she returned to the island.  She worked for the Jersey Arts Centre for over 10 years, becoming Deputy Director, while also teaching the oboe privately and volunteering as a crew member on St. Catherine’s Lifeboat.

She has continued to teach the oboe privately and with the Jersey Music Service since 2015, alongside other jobs and raising a family.  Students have ranged from beginners to advanced players who have gone on to well-known music schools and a few adults, showing it is never too late to take up a new instrument.  Her emphasis is on adapting lessons to suit the individual to inspire musical enjoyment and develop personal confidence through playing.

Mrs Le Fondre plays the oboe and cor anglais (the larger, alto member of the oboe family) in the Jersey Symphony Orchestra, first joining as a student, and other local ensembles including a wind quintet with fellow teachers.





Excellent teaching, good ensemble opportunities. Encouragement and support for exams and competitions. Eve has really enjoyed her saxophone lessons and the ensembles and has progressed well. It has been a great opportunity for her to borrow the baritone sax to play in the ensembles. Thank you to all at JMS!


I like how kind and supportive the staff are. I like how the staff approach problems with solutions rather than barriers. I like how the staff understand childhood development in an holistic way. I like how the staff respect the voice of the child. Thank you so much to John Pearse, a more patient and caring teacher you couldn't hope to find.


Lovely teachers and very supportive admin staff.