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School Support

We are dedicated to working in partnership with schools across the island to increase access to quality music making and to raise the standard of music education.

Our specialist teachers are proud to support schools through:

  • Training and development for teachers
  • Curriculum Support
  • Whole-Class Ensemble Teaching
  • Charanga training
  • Advice on the purchase of musical instruments
  • Support with the development of  instrumental and choral ensembles
  • Support with the development of a whole school singing strategy
  • Design and delivery of bespoke music projects for your school

Whole-Class Ensemble Teaching

JMS Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) projects are delivered to whole classes and include a variety of techniques and course content to introduce and develop universal musical concepts such as pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and ensemble skills. We believe that singing and movement are at the heart of musical learning for all of our students. The children involved in WCET develop a broad range of musical skills during the projects through musical movement activities, Kodaly inspired approaches, instrumental tuition and performance. All children receive an instrument to take home in order to practice and bring in to school each week for a one hour weekly session with their class and class teacher.

Bespoke Music Projects

Some of the bespoke projects that we have worked with schools to provide to date have included:

  • The Learn To Play Programme at Haute Vallee & Grainville
  • Victoria College’s Orchestral Challenge

Schools: For more information contact us on 01534 832230 or [email protected]