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Mr Richard Poignand

Richard is a graduate of the Royal College of Music where he obtained a BMus(Hons) degree and was fortunate to study with some of the best teachers and musicians in the country.

He has taught piano and keyboard for a number of years with the JMS and a contemporary music institution. He has also taught privately in Jersey and London.

Richard enjoys coaching young people in their musical development, instilling good technique and practice methods from the outset and watching his students grow as musicians.

In particular, Richard enjoys giving students exposure to a range of musical genres including classical and contemporary styles to broaden their musical horizons. He brings variety to his lessons with coaching in solo performance, playing with backing tracks, playing with other musicians and improvisation.

Richard has been a performer in Jersey for many years and has experience in a number of musical styles. He plays piano and keyboards for rock, pop, blues and jazz bands, performs in a jazz duo and provides solo piano music for venues and events. His experience also extends to accompaniment work, several years as a church organist and Big Band piano. Richard brings this experience to his teaching work in his performance coaching. 



Excellent teaching, good ensemble opportunities. Encouragement and support for exams and competitions. Eve has really enjoyed her saxophone lessons and the ensembles and has progressed well. It has been a great opportunity for her to borrow the baritone sax to play in the ensembles. Thank you to all at JMS!


I like how kind and supportive the staff are. I like how the staff approach problems with solutions rather than barriers. I like how the staff understand childhood development in an holistic way. I like how the staff respect the voice of the child. Thank you so much to John Pearse, a more patient and caring teacher you couldn't hope to find.


Lovely teachers and very supportive admin staff.